It takes a great team to accomplish great things, and crafting natural wood products requires tremendous skill and attention to detail. What our team members do here at Manthei Veneer is nothing short of artistry and true craftsmanship. We take pride in our years of experience, our dedication to each other, and our commitment to our customers.


Below are a few of our 100 team members, including the leadership team and some of the familiar faces (and voices) encountered most in our day-to-day operations.

What can we do for you?

Jeremy Manthei
Jeremy Manthei, President

Brian Korthase

Brian Korthase, Plain Slice Manager

Luke Manthei

Luke Manthei, Director of Human Capital

Renate Norris-Grey

Renate Norris-Gray, Administrative Assistant

Chris Pease
Jason Miller, Sales Director

Chris Pease

Chris Pease, Procurement Director

Joe Zielinski

Joe Zielinski, Finance Director

Nate Splitt

Nate Splitt, Engineering Manager

Janice Thanasiu, Inside Sales


Jim Izzard, Manufacturing Director


Lindsy Klemmer, Controller

Want to meet the rest of the team? Guests are always welcome to visit our facilities in picturesque Northern Michigan. We’d love to give you a tour, share what we do and introduce you to the people who make it happen.


As an extension to the Manthei Veneer team, the Manthei family has a passion for building products, providing services, and impacting our communities in a variety of ways. Here are links to some of the other Manthei family businesses.
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